A Family Reunion? January 13, 2012 Daily Reflection

People who love to have visitors

When we were at the funeral home for visitation of his great grandma, Jake, my 6 year old, asked “Mommy, is this a family reunion?” “It sure is like one Jake” was my response. Funerals and weddings are the two events that seem to pull family out of the woodwork. I explained to him that all those people wanted to come, pay their respects, say goodbye and to support the family. But should it take death to gather us from near and far into one room?

We are extremely busy people but there is nothing like the cold hard reality of death to remind you all those tasks on the TO DO list don’t matter as much as the people in your life do. So I ask who have you not visited lately that you should. Do you have a loved one in a nursing home? Is there a relative you should forgive and become friends with again? Time is precious and people do not live forever. We need to visit and love people in their living years.

Today, make plans for this weekend to take the time to make a family reunion; even if it starts with visiting one person at a time. Start visiting family before the funeral home becomes a reality.

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