We Carry Them, May 2 Daily Reflection

A good friend carrying his little boy

We carry them when they are growing within us during pregnancy.

We carry them when they are tiny and cannot hold even their little heads up.

We carry them when they are just starting to crawl.

We carry them when they begin walking and their little legs become too tired to walk.

We carry them when there is danger in crossing a big street.

We carry them when they have a booboo and just want to be held.

We carry them when a friend just won’t share their toys, when someone said something mean to them.

We carry them when the homework and school is more than they can handle, when sports are becoming more challenging.

We carry them when they begin to have self doubt and insecurities, when they discover they have hormones.

We carry them when life is just too much, when they are confused, conflicted, lost and scared.

We carry them until they can walk on their own.

We carry them so that one day they can carry themselves and their spouse and their own child.

We carry them because we love them more than we thought we could ever love another human being.

We carry them into this life, teach them about this life, guide them around this life and set them down so they can live their own life.

We carry them all the days of our lives in our hearts ready to pick them up anytime they fall.

We carried them…

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