What do you do? January 11, 2012 Daily Reflection

The Cross

What do you do after all the tears have been cried but the aching continues? What do you do when the funeral ends and everybody goes back to their own normal routine only your life has been altered for a lifetime? What do you do when “normal” no longer exists and you just feel all you are doing is just barely existing becausing really living hurts too much? What is left then when what feels like your love, your heart and your life has been ripped from your very soul? How do you heal a wound that deep? How do you bandage that kind of sore? What do you take for that kind of pain?

There is only one other who knows that pain, trauma and reality. He is the one who watched as His son died a torcherous death and let it happen for the good of all. He is the one that doesn’t leave your side when everyone else goes back to life. He is not the bandage but the cure. God will never leave you. God will not go back to normal life. God is what you take to heal that kind of pain. Go to God in nature, in prayer, in church, in your mind, in the darkness, in the depth, in your soul. Go to God and let Him know you need Him now and He will help you. He will send you people that will love you through the pain. He will send you signs to know that life will work out. He will love you beyond your pain. Go to God let Him help you and let Him LOVE YOU.

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