What sells in our society? September 6 Daily Reflection


What sells in our society: Sex, gossip, fashion, food, weight loss and women on the covers of magazines? Standing in a Walgreens waiting for a prescription to be filled, realizing I did not have to go to the toy aisle because no children were with me I visited the magazine section. The magazine covers screamed at me with their bright colors and enticing questions for me to pick them up. I am no better than anyone else I wanted to find out about Ali from the Bachelorette and if her and Roberto will really get married. Yes, I admit it I watch the Bachelor and I love it. Not because of the drama, but that is fun to watch, but because I am happily married to the man of my dreams and I want that for everyone. Although on the Bachelor and Bachelorette only 2 people out of 26 end up happy briefly that is until they break up publically of course.

Our eyes are constantly battled for by publishers and corporations trying to find out what people will buy and what will attract us to their item. It’s everywhere in the aisles of every store on the side of most websites, on TV and radio, billboards and buses: advertisements. We all have something to sell. As Americans we are bombarded by ads everywhere we look. It’s tiring after awhile. So how do we avoid it all? Should we become a monk or a nun and go to a cloistered retreat house somewhere far away from modern life? No, we need to just take it for what it’s worth and not so seriously. People are honestly just trying to make a living in this world by selling what they do best in life. They want to make some money to survive in this life. If we don’t like the way things are being sold with sex appeal then we shouldn’t buy it or pick it up and look through it. It is easy enough to turn off the TV, radio or computer. Instead of staring at billboards keep your eyes on the road, it’s safer that way!

 Keep your focus on what is a priority in your life. If your priority is God and your family then all of the trash that we are exposed to is just that and we have the right to walk away from it and turn it off.  We all need a little down time from this life. Today, don’t buy that magazine instead open a classic novel from the library, click on a website about faith and take a break from the priorities of this culture and make family and God your priority.

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