You know I thank God for you, August 3 Daily Reflection

Jake and Spencer on the golf course

Jake is lining up his putt to make sure the ball goes into the hole. Spencer is standing nearby just watching and waiting. Jake is trying to be precise. Jake has a plan. Spencer watches.

Children are so different from each other even in the same families. All of my children hold the same core values, beliefs and morals however their personalities are so different. Take for instance Jake my youngest 6 year old and Spencer my middle child 8 year old. Jake is my people pleaser. He wants to do it right to please his teacher, coach, parents and especially me! Spencer wants to be known as different. He is his own person. He is easy and laid back. He will get the job done but he likes to take his time and observe. He is quiet. Jake is loud, so that we can hear him above his other brother and sister. Spencer is content to not say a word but he listens intently to every word spoken around him. I love them both with my entire heart and soul. I would not want to change their personalities at all. However, I do find it mind boggling that two children from the same family that look like twins can be so different.

God makes each one of us completely unique. No two people have the same finger print. I believe no two people have the exact same personality. I think God does this so that we each have a unique purpose to fulfill that cannot be completed by anyone else. Jake and Spencer are both gifts from God that will change this world each in their own unique ways. I tell them all the time “You know I thank God for you, son!” and oh, how I do so daily.

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