A challenge for each of you, July 20 Daily Reflection

Anna by the small waterfall

Why can’t we all have times like Anna when we stop in the middle of life, sit down and take it all in and just witness the beauty of nature? How often in our hectic schedules do we just stop without watching TV, listening to a radio or reading a book?

 I am reading an excellent book called Breakfast with Buddha by Roland Merullo. The main character in the book meditates often and discusses the reason for it. He says the reason to meditate is to clear our mind of all thoughts so that we may see from a fresh perspective after the meditation. He talks of meditations that last for two hours and I cringe as I read the amount of time. When do we have two hours in our busy lives that we might sit silently? I have tried to meditate before while running but I found out being in motion and trying to still my mind only gave me a small glimpse of that peace. When I attempted to meditate first I had to think all my thoughts which are many and that took at least 40 minutes to get through, to do list, relationship issues, and prayers, thoughts about my children, work and bills. In the book he says to sit still and let all of those thoughts go don’t try to prevent them think them and then let them go. Concentrate on the small noises about you, the hum of the air conditioner and the sound of your breathing. When you want to move don’t give into the thought and breathe more deeply. Think of one phrase you can repeat “No more thoughts” and just relax don’t force it see if you can be in that moment.

Can you even imagine finding the two hours to practice the art of meditation? Well, we find two hours to watch our favorite season finale after the children have gone to bed at night. Let’s make a deal you and I let’s look at our schedule and actually find two hours in the next week that we can attempt to meditate. Write it on your calendar. I just put it on my phone calendar with a reminder. I will put the kids to bed early along with my husband and quiet myself away from everyone. In the book he says after you have meditated if it is at night then go straight to bed don’t watch TV, read or talk just let your mind be at rest and go to bed. So try to set this up leading to your bedtime. Of course in the morning you can write about the experience and talk about it but directly after just let your mind and body rest.

 I would love to hear back from you after you have tried it. Please leave a comment or email me directly. I will try this and then write all about the experience. The thought overwhelms me the idea of becoming completely at peace without thought while conscious intrigues me. So good luck! Let’s truly try it. I can’t wait to hear back from all of you.

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