A Little Retreat, January 21 Daily Reflection

A place to retreat

A place to retreat

Alone in the quiet places of our minds thoughts are flowing like water running freely.  The settling of the house, soft creaking and a little crackling can barely be heard. There snuggled up with a warm blanket and a book you sit, enjoying the silence before you open its cover. It’s a little retreat in your day.

How often have you wanted to find that place, that time and that peace of mind and sanity in your day? Every mom longs for it! On so many different levels we all need to have it.  But what do we moms do when the baby is actually sleeping, or our toddlers are occupied?  We clean, we cook, we pay the bills, we do the laundry, and we do all the house hold chores! What we need to do when we have 10 -15 minutes alone is to find a place in our home that we can make our own little retreat. Find a place that has no toys cluttered about it, that has no laundry staring us down, saying fold me, that needs no cleaning or repair. Find that place and make it your own, own it!

Once you have that place put a book there that you have been dying to read. You could use an Oprah Book Club book or the Bible or a magazine article,  you know the one you have read the same line over 30 times in a row. Hide that item under a blanket in your little retreat area. Now you need to find the time.  If you are like me you have a difficult time relaxing until everything is finished for the day. I have to finish picking up and straightening the house, sweeping, cleaning, laundry etc. I have to say good night to the kids and make sure everything is ready for school in the morning and then I have put my website to bed. Then when it is all complete I have my yogurt curled up in a big chair and I relax sometimes with a book. Hopefully you don’t need to wait until the end of the day and if you can find 10 minutes to slip away DO IT!

As moms mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally we need to find a little retreat a break away for a bit. Do it when they are napping or busy with other things or before they wake in the morning or after they go to bed at night. Take that time to be alone and relax so your thoughts can flow without interruption. Take that time for you so that you will be renewed for them! Find that little retreat area and really do it TODAY!!


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