Balance, October 7, 2014 Daily Reflection

Anna on the tracksWe found a set of railroad tracks on Saturday afternoon. Saturday I was able to spend an awesome time with my family. We started with a charity 4K race, explored a cool old candy shop, visited St. James Art Fair and just had a great time as a family. One of our stops was taken around this railroad track. I was able to take a few pictures of my children on the track (it was safe there was no train).

Anna is balancing on the track. I think that is what we all strive for in our lives. We want to find a balance between family, work, relaxation, enjoyment and service. How many of us fall off the tracks and feel like we will be hit by the train. It seems we go totally one way or the other. How do we find a balance in our lives? If we could figure this out we could make a million dollars for sure.

The best answer I have found is not to try to jam it all into life but to find joy in the service, to spend all the time you have outside of work with your family ( you can serve together, run, bike, and have fun together) and to give all of your talents to work while you are there. Above all things pray for God’s guidance and listen to what He says you need daily. God may not speak in an audible voice but there are plenty of times that an idea gets stuck in your head for a reason. Many times that’s God. If God is pulling you towards your family listen. If God is directing you towards service, take your family with you. Pray, listen, live, love and enjoy your life and hopefully you will find a balance.

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