A sandcastle? October 11, 2011 Daily Reflection

Jake building his sandcastle

He builds with his hands, sculpts with his shovel and creates with his imagination. We can not see what Jake sees because his imagination is still young and wide open. Open to ideas that are bigger than our narrowed experiences of this life. He can dream big and we are realistic. His sand castle is not just sand it is a kingdom with a king, a queen, royalty, dragons to fight and princesses to save. We see a sandcastle built on a beach during a family vacation and he sees a fantasy played out with a story and a plot. God love the children, their innocence and their imagination. I say dream big, be nonsensical and think outside your box before the reality of the world boxes you in.

Today, try to see the world as you did when you were a child. Today, try to get outside of your box. It is much more fun out here!

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