Big Boy Haircut, June 4 Reflection

Jake's 1st buzz

“I’m ready mommy! I want to get a buzz like Spencer!” Jake was jumping up and down excited that he could be like his big brother, only 2 years older than him.

My husband was the one who said “Let’s wait until he is older and let him keep that little boy haircut for awhile longer”. Jake is the baby and I don’t think my husband was ready for him to grow out of that “little” stage yet. I totally understand its killing me that he will be in Kindergarten this fall!

We went to our barber and as he shaved away the little boy haircut I almost cried watching the transformation of his image into an older child. Before the barber swung him around to see his reflection I reassured Jake “Now if you don’t like it don’t worry it will grow back.” Jake looked and said “I look just like Spencer, I love it” the two boys although 2 years apart look almost like twins now.

We can only put the haircuts off for so long. We can only sing to them at night until they say “I am too old for that mom”. From the moment of conception growth and aging begins. Many moms love the baby stage because they are dependent upon us fully. As they age we feel a little less needed and our role changes. It is so bittersweet watching our children grow up and my oldest is only 11. By the grace of God we as Moms and Dads will handle the growth, remembering the precious past and creating an unbelievable future. All things shall pass in time but one will remain steadfast forever and that is God. So through the births, diapers, potty training, first haircuts, first days of school, first dates, first cars and many other firsts we as parents have the privilege to witness hold fast to God and He will get us through and help us to remember!

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