In the moment, August 4 Daily Reflection

Spencer flying a kite

Spencer flying a kite

 The picture above is of my my son Spencer he is 6 years old.  He was flying a kite at the playground.  Having a great time. It was a beautiful day and all was right with the world.  To feel so carefree and happy in the moment.  How often do we feel that way, just caught up in a moment?  As a mom it’s difficult to get lost in the moment when I am trying to figure out what I need to do next, what to make for dinner? If I will have time to have dinner between babysitting and going to the next sports practice.  Have I even had a chance this week to make it to the grocery store to possibly make dinner or will it be a peanut butter and jelly night? – Thoughts of a mother.  Thoughts of a child ” If I run fast enough I know I can keep this kite up in the air and flying”.  I want to have the carefree thoughts of an innocent child don’t you.

The evening this picture was taken I was putting Spencer to bed and he told me he was scared to go to sleep.  He was worried that the world would be destroyed.  We, my sister and a few friends with our 15 children, babysitting and our own, went to the planetarium on a little field trip.  We like to teach the children we babysit as well as just have fun.  Anyway after the show was finished a college kid was talking and answering questions from our children.  He said that our earth could be destroyed by global warming if we don’t do something to prevent it.  The ages of our children and the ones we babysit range from 2 years old – 11 years old.  For some of the children that was fine to make them aware and maybe use a little scare tactic to get them to do more for the environment. 

However for my sweet little 6 year old Spencer the thought of our world being destroyed just festered in his head for a few days until he was too scared to sleep for fear the world would be gone when he awoke. I hugged him and took him to his Daddy.  My husband loves to watch the Discovery, Nature, History and Science channels, so he has a good handle on the earth.  I knew he would be a more credible resource to Spencer than myself.  So I put him on his Daddy’s lap.  I sat down and watched them together and listened and got lost in that precious moment.  As his big, smart strong Daddy explained to him that just as Spencer is a growing and changing boy then anything that is living is growing and changing.  We cannot predict what the earth will do all of the time but if something so drastic does occur it will not happen in our lifetime.  My husband asked him simple questions to make sure that he understood what he was trying to explain to him.  He was so compassionate to Spencer’s fears. He was gentle and loving.  It made me fall in love with him all over again for being such a caring father.  He made Spencer feel safe, secure and loved.  Then he picked him up in a bear hug took him up to his bed tucked him in with a kiss and Spencer fell asleep.  It was a special moment to be able to witness.  One of those memories that you think to yourself this is one I don’t ever want to forget.

So even though as moms we don’t have much time to live in the moment like our children do with wide eyed innocence and lack of responsibilities that take over your every thought, sometimes we have a moment that we can cherish and everything else falls away.  I hope and pray that each of you have moments like that and when they occur you are able to recognize them and hold them close.  I know there are many I have let pass right in front of my face.  But the picture of my sweet, scared little boy sitting on his Daddy’s lap and becoming calm and relieved in a bear hug will not soon be forgotten.  I thank God for moments like that!

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