Appreciation of Others, August 16, 2017 Daily Reflection

I appreciate my Cougars for Christ and all of their hard work

There is so much individualism in the world that it leaves little time or effort towards the appreciation of others. Our culture raises us to go for our dreams, to be achievers (overachievers), to have high self-esteem, confidence, and a vision for our lives. Our culture rarely teaches selflessness, and care for the good of others. Parents are taught to praise their children and to raise them with confidence and belief in their own abilities. I agree that giving children confidence and encouraging their talents and abilities is important for a child’s confidence and ability to take on new opportunities. However, our culture seems to think we should only do this with our children not with young adults or old adults. I was raised with unconditional love, discipline, and praise. I know the importance of appreciating another person. As a child I would write letters or cards to my parents to tell them how much I loved and appreciated them.

Appreciation not only makes us feel good emotionally, it also confirms that we are doing something well. Appreciation can change everything, from confidence level, to attitude, from an OK day, to a fabulous day, from a decent employee to one who wants to please and goes above and beyond to do so. If you want an environment of hard workers, excellent achievers, and enduring employees then affirm their work and appreciate who they are as people. Today, find someone whom you can appreciate. Email, text, or call someone you can affirm. It makes you feel good and could change their entire attitude.

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