Are we ever “there”?, November 29 Daily Reflection


Are we ever really there? When I get all the Christmas gifts purchased I will be happy. When the kids grow up a little and stop trying me life will be great. When I get that promotion, raise, recognition I will be satisfied, when I retire all my problems will fade away to nothing. If when someday somehow we reach that place that feeling, that destination will we ever really be “there”?

Where is your “there”? What, where, who is your final destination? When you get to that point do you truly believe that all will be complete and blissful? How can that exist in our earthly lives? Maybe, just possibly “there” only exists in the afterlife; where we, if God graces us with the gift of eternal life, we will live forever without limitations, the pain and the anguish of this world. Maybe “there” is gained through leading a life in search of God’s presence, in pursuit of completion, actualization and life within God instead of without. Maybe, quite possibly what we have been searching for here on earth leads us away from God instead of to Him?

What is the focus or your “there”? Do you want to alter that just a bit so that you can find the ultimate “there”? 

“There”- when you merge into an existence of pure contentment within the presence of God?


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