Are you on the bench? September 28 Daily Reflection

On the bench

Is that you right there sitting on the bench not really paying any attention at all to the game because you are riding the bench? Who put you on that bench anyway? Did the coach leave you out? Are you in line to bat? Or are you just taking a breather?

We live our lives at such a fast pace we rarely take the time to reflect on where we are in life. We are just trying to get everything that needs to be accomplished checked off of our To Do List. We never wrote down reflect on life so it will not likely happen today. We need to write down stop, pause, reflect and review on our list. So for the next 5 minutes do it stop, pause, reflect and review where you are today.

Are you on a bench in your life? Did life use you up and spit you out? Are you taking a breather and reflecting on your life? Are you so hurt that you can no longer play the game so you took yourself out of the game? Are you scared to get in the game worried about failure? Are you just waiting until the time is perfect when you know you are ready to hit that ball out of the park?

Only you know where you stand and where you sit. My point is this: take the time to think about it today. Reflect on where you are, why you are there and where you want to be. It’s that simple. It’s called living your life fully, taking control, ceasing the day and deciding not to live mindlessly. Try it today. So that tomorrow you will live more fully.

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