Are you ready for Christmas, December 24, 2011 Daily Reflection

Santa's homemade cookies

Are you ready? The gifts should all be wrapped and placed under the tree. The cookies should have already been baked and ready to set out for Santa. The Christmas tree should definitely be trimmed and glowing with Christmas Joy. And the children…well the children are going crazy about now. They have been trying to patiently wait for the coming of the benevolent stranger, this friendly, selfless old elf ready to place his handmade or store bought toys beneath their trees and in their stockings. The children have heard for over 6 weeks now “Be good, Santa is watching you…do you want coal in your stocking?” The children are mad with anticipation and now they know they have to wait one more nightfall before the morning breaks and they can descend their stairs and run to their treasures. Their curiosity is killing them. We the parents are ready for it all. The camcorder is charged up, new batteries are in the camera and everything is ready for the big morning; this pinnacle of the best holiday of the year.

But wait…have you told them the other story? Have you told them about a similar benevolent man who came to this earth to give of himself to every soul that will ever walk this earth? Have you explained to them the story of the nativity? Have you let them place baby Jesus in His manager yet?

Today, take the time to link the stories, and let your children know the best gift under that Christmas tree this year is wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manager. The best gift of Christmas will bring them eternal life with God one day when this life is over. The best gift of Christmas is Jesus Christ our Lord.

Tell them the story and then you will be ready…ready for Christmas.

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