Back to the Daily Grind, January 4, 2016 Daily Reflection

MastersThe majority of my friends and family are starting back to work today! We have been on “holiday” for various amounts of time but everyone seems to be getting back to routine daily rituals, putting the kids back in school, going back to work, evenings filled with sports, music, and other practices, and not enough time in the day to get it all done!

Since it is a New Year maybe our resolution could be a family one! I completely believe in making resolutions that are feasible in our lives, otherwise we set ourselves up for failure, guilt, and discouragement. Here are a few you can choose from if your life is insane like mine:

3 evenings a week with a real family dinner together (it can be on the weekend or during the week)

Creating a new daily routine of telling each child goodnight and saying  a short prayer together. (It teaches your child the importance of prayer and shows them how important they are to you)

Starting a weekly journal. Write once a week in your journal about 2 things; something good that happened to your family that week and something challenging.

Resolve to stop gossiping at work, at home, and with your friends. Instead be that person that only says nice things or nothing at all. (This is a great example that you can set for your family no matter what ages they are)

Those are a few to choose from hopefully they will help to bring positive and encouraging attitudes back to your daily grind and your family life. Say a prayer for me and I will say a prayer for each of you as we get back to work, whatever work it is that you do!

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