Spencer’s Broken Ankle, October 16, 2012 Daily Reflection

Spencer in the wheel chair

My Spencer broke his ankle again. This time it happened with a bike accident. The poor guy could not run with us this weekend. We were all looking forward to this awesome 5k charity run through our local zoo. Two days before the race Spencer went down on his bike. He did not run the race with us but he was able to join us as we visited the zoo. Of course he was in a wheel chair. He really loved riding  in a wheel chair; to him was exciting and new.

Often times in life we break something. Sometimes the thing we break is physical and sometimes it’s emotional. Sometimes we experience broken relationships, promises or expectations. Although we want everything to go as planned 60% of the time it doesn’t. It’s ok to have great expectations of life, love and relationships as long as we can adapt when something breaks. Like Spencer we will be in pain but it is temporary. We will also be disappointed and sad but that too will pass. In times of brokenness we need to rely on that wheelchair. We need to find something to give us support and carry us through until we have healed. If our wheelchair is our heavenly father then like Spencer we can still have fun with others, enjoy life and smile again.

Next time something in your life breaks know that it is totally normal to be sad and disappointed. But also acknowledge that you need support and let your loved ones help and depend on God. God will carry you through if you ask for His help. Let God support you when something breaks and like Spencer you will just experience life in a different way than you originally expected.

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