Photographs, August 24 Daily Reflection

My kids on our family vacation

“I have to take a picture of you all in front of the log cabin. So we will remember what it looked like.” I told my kids before we departed from the scene above.

We all have pictures like this don’t we; of us as children on family vacations, from honeymoons, from our parents when they were children. We don’t realize how unbelievably blessed we are to have photographs. Photographs jog our memories and take us right back to that place in time. As a child I remember looking at a picture of me in Disney world, I was on the boat for “It’s a small world”. I would always tell my parents I remembered being there but I was only three years old and honestly I think that I didn’t really remember being there but I remembered the picture and the story so my mind put a memory where there wasn’t one. Have you ever done that before? Been told a story from childhood and seen the picture that accompanies the story and you begin to believe that you remember it?

I love to take pictures especially with my children in them. Our children grow so quickly that we can easily see the changes in their appearance and although I cannot stop the growth I can record it so that I will be able to remember it maybe not every stage but many stages. I just want to thank God for giving us the gift of memory. Anytime we want to we can recall the best times of our lives just by closing our eyes and remembering.

Today, get out the camera take some pictures of your children so that ten years from now you can show them and they will remember today.

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