Background Noise, December 22, 2011 Daily Reflection


Have you ever noticed how words in the background of a restaurant can become background noise? The words at some point become indefinable and just noise. Sometimes in the midst of life, that is happening so quickly and abruptly, the words of God become noise. No longer are they a direct message to our heart instead they become indefinable. If God’s words are background noise the question becomes how can we listen?

We must make an effort to listen. We must take ourselves away from the hurried life we live if only for a few minutes and find a way to listen to God. When we feel stressed and overwhelmed it is a sure sign that we have not been listening or trying to listen to God.

Today, right now silence the world around you. You don’t need to leave your life behind completely. You just need to find the silence and there you will find God. Quiet your mind. Close your eyes and think only of silence, peace and God. Go for a walk and look at nature. Cover your ears, close your eyes and say a simple prayer to God.

God’s message to the world can easily become background noise because our lives are so LOUD. Take the time and effort to refocus and listen so God’s words can become clear and His message louder than the world around you.

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