Beauty, Truth, and Goodness, January 23, 2018 Daily Reflection

Spencer seeks the good

God sees beauty, truth, and goodness in each one of us. God created us and loved us into existence. God wants us to be in relationship with self, others, creation, and God like our triune God is in relationship with the son and the Holy Spirit. We are meant to love one another, selflessly, seeing the beauty, the truth of God’s spark in each person, and the goodness and purity God placed in each soul. We should be able to recognize ourselves in others. Instead of the glaring differences we should notice the many similarities. If we could take off the blinders of hate, prejudice, and ignorance then the light would shine through each person’s soul and we would be radiated by joy. The joy of witnessing God’s love walking on this earth hand and hand with each of us.

Today, try to take off the blinders. Look at each person you encounter and attempt to recognize the similarities and engage them in a conversation. When we are able to relate to another the beauty, truth, and goodness is shown to and through others. Be that person that seeks the beauty, truth, and goodness.

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