The Orange Vest, July 27 Daily Reflection

Fluorescent orange running vest

Fluorescent orange running vest

Do you see the picture above of the running vest?  It’s not pretty, trendy or cool is it?  The other morning my Dad came over at 6:30am for me to go for a run and it was cloudy and the sun was just about to rise.  The clouds kept the sky from giving off much light so I wore this vest, it belonged to my Dad a decade ago from when he walked in the evenings.  I wore it because I didn’t want to get hit by a car and you can’t miss that vest!  While wearing it I thought to myself  “Boy do we mom’s sacrifice so much for our children”.  When we are pregnant we give them our bodies to live through.  When they are born they have every minute of our existence night or day!  As they grow we are constantly watching them and teaching them and loving them.  Who knew we would also have to give up being cool!

How many  moms do you know have resisted the calling to become a mini van mom and bought an SUV instead.  They are trying to hold onto a little bit of being cool to the world.  We as moms sacrifice so much for our children’s benefit and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  Yes, I looked like an idiot running with that horrible vest on.  But I did it so my children would still have a mom.  I believe it is good to be selfless and give more than you take!  Our children will learn from what we have sacrificed for them, probably not until they are grown and maybe have children of their own!  However we as moms are setting the example for our children to learn how to love selflessly.  By loving them so well they are learning that they are worthy of love and how to love others.

“I’ll never know how much it cost to see my sins upon that cross”

–  Here I am to Worship, sung by Randy Travis.

I believe that is exactly what God did for us.  He sacrificed his only Son so that we could have eternal life.  He allowed for Christ to be crucified so that our sins would be forgiven. How great is that love to lay down one’s life for a friend?  God has taught us how to be selfless and we have learned we are worthy of that love and through God’s love learned how to love others as well.  In this crazy world of ME, ME, ME, it is refreshing to see mom’s that make it about their children instead of themselves.  As moms we have many responsibilities and we can chose to be selfish and do whatever we want or we can chose to be selfless and give it all to our children so that they may grow in love.  Many people think that in being selfless you abandon who you are but if you find a balance and are selfless without abandoning your own needs you will find growth and more love than you ever thought was possible. 

So what will your orange vest look like today?  Skipping a shower to play with your child?  On second thought take that shower it is a need.  Play with your child when you get out of the shower.  Waking up at 4:00am to let your baby know it is ok?  Hugging your child when you really just want to walk away and be alone?  Letting some housework go so you can sit down and read a story to your child?  To the moms that wear that vest daily it is a thankless job but God knows that you are doing it and it will show in your child as they grow.  I personally want to thank each mom that does it and goes against the grain of society for the good of your child.  Thank you!

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