Mom’s Were Called Too – May 8 Sunday Mother’s Day Reflection

Mary with baby Jesus on her hip

The Blessed Virgin Mary holds baby Jesus on her hip hidden among the bamboo and wild grass of the garden, bathed in the light of God yet the shadows of this world are cast upon both faces. They were both without sin yet the world pressed in upon their existence but God in His eternal graces never allowed them to falter in their human nature.

God bathes every mother in His almighty light but this world, this culture we live and breathe in casts’ shadows upon us daily. Mary with the strength of God was able to raise “The Son of God” with kindness and eternal love. Mary surely had the tedious yet important tasks of cleaning and cooking along with raising a child. As moms we can relate to Mary she was not divine but she was “Full of Grace” and we can pray to her and ask for her guidance for she understands our human demands as a mom on this earth.

With baby Jesus on her hip she was able to raise Jesus Christ and ready Him for all the world might throw upon Him. As moms we must do the same love our children unconditionally, teach them love, respect, kindness, patience and empathy for others. As moms we must do as Mary did and help prepare our children to accept their calling from God. We need to help them recognize that call, the voice of God in their lives. We must cook, clean, bathe, teach, bandage, love, discipline and raise our children in so many different ways yet many moms forget that one of the most essential elements of raising a child is teaching them to find the love of God. Our world makes us feel uncomfortable talking to our children about God, as though that should be done by the Church or the school. As Catholic Moms we vowed at our children’s Baptism to be the first teachers of the faith. It is our responsibility and privilege to introduce God to our children. Let our voice be the one that aids them to hear the purest voice of all.

We have accepted the calling from God to be moms, that wasn’t an accident whether planned or not in your mind, God intended for you to be a mom. God wants for moms to be the first and most important teacher and we must first teach by example. Let your child know you recognize the presence of God in their very existence. Our children are gifts from God created by His own hands in our likeness. We said yes like Mary did in our own way to being a mom. God shines His light upon us daily and the world in its earthly desires and temptations shadows that goodness. It is up to us to move away from the shadows and follow only the light. Our children witness our choices through our actions and deeds have they seen us move away from the shadows or just live within them?

The month of May recognizes the Most Blessed Mary. During this month let us contemplate accepting the Light of God that shines upon our lives. Let us be more aware of the shadow and move out of it for the sake of our children and let us teach our children that the warmth they feel from our love is actually the love of God.

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