Camp Piomingo September 27, 2011 Daily Reflection

Jake eating his smore

The fire crackled as the flames licked the marshmallow on the stick that Ethan held over the bon fire. He gave it to Jake who carefully placed it on a gramhcracker with chocolate and there you have it a camping smore, such delight!

This past weekend my family went on a camping trip to Camp Piomingo Family Camp. We went with my brother’s family and our nephews. It was like being at camp all over again. I went to Camp Earl Wallace in the 5th grade and earned my archery badge and row boat badge among others. I probably did not earn the rifle badge considering I carelessly pointed my gun at the counselor. I remember the songs, ghost stories and the freedom of being with my best friends with no parents around to tell us what to do. We had rules and structure but somehow it felt like freedom at that age.

Well, I was able to experience it all over again in a totally different way with all 4 of my children and my husband. We sang the songs, shot the arrows and even did a zip line. We ate in the mess hall and we were woken up from our bunk beds with a loud gonging noise. My kids had so much fun. I am so lucky I was able to be a part of it with them.

It was awesome just being away from normal life no phones, computers or T.V’s just nature, exciting activities and one another having fun together.

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