Choices, June 13, 2016 Daily Reflection

Smokies  Trail

Smokies Trail

I have been reading about discernment for my focus course on Christian Spirituality. When I came across an interesting perspective. A Theologian explained that no matter what choice we make it can still lead us to God. That God’s will is not predestined, the Catholic Church doesn’t believe in predestination. However, God definitely had an intent or purpose for each of our lives. He said there are desires that have settled deep into our souls that cannot be denied that could lead to a life that serves others, deepens relationships, and brings us closer to the work of God in this world. He said there is not just one choice that we can make that will set us on the right path. That each yes we say implies that there will be a no for another choice. Those of us who regret the choice believing that they have doomed their lives are completely wrong. No matter the choice you made you can still find your way back to God.

I teach my students constantly that Jesus Christ bought redemption with the cost of his own life. His mercy granted us forgiveness of our sins. The addict that hits the bottom either over doses and dies or is redeemed through the 12 step program, admitting the problem and that they have no control, that only God has control. If an addict can start  over after making self destructive choices to harm self and family members and all their relationships then of course we can start over as well. Do not allow any one choice hold you back from the love of God or where you are intended to go in this world. Try to make the best choices possible by considering the situation, alternatives, consequences, and all of those involved, and then pray for days for guidance to make a good decision. If you made a poor choice understand that there is always redemption available with God.

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