Cloudy = Gloomy, March 16 Daily Reflection

The Clouds & The Sunlight

It is truly amazing the difference the sunlight makes in our lives. I know there is some type of psychological condition Seasonal Affective Disorder; without the sun’s light to stimulate your brain flow one seems to slow down and become more depressed. Today is a bright and sunny day and I feel like I can think more clearly, write more concisely and love more openly.  By contrast on cloudy, gloomy days where light is rare I feel foggy about my thoughts and I am not as inspired to write and I often feel closed in and grouchy.

When we feel the brilliant rays of God’s amazing grace upon our cheeks and our eyelids even when they are closed we feel illuminated. By contrast when the cloudy days of our existence fall upon us and we don’t feel worthy and are searching for purpose and for signs of life our faith tends to be lacking.  Yet how could we appreciate the light if we always see it?  In times of distress our faith is tested in times of His brilliant light we don’t need to think twice.

So in the clouds of winter we should search our souls more and try not to fall into that sad dark abyss that beckons to each of us “fall inside and let the dirt cover you up”. Instead lift your heads high and breathe in the air, search for insight in the Bible on the web and through phone calls to friends so that the light of God can shine through others onto you once more.

Let God be there with you in the brightest days and in the cloudy dark of night.

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