Colors of the Rainbow, November 14 Saturday Tidbit

Rainbow created and colored by Spencer

Rainbow created and colored by Spencer

God told Noah “This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all mortal creatures that are on earth.”

Genesis 9:17

There are many other reminders of God’s relationship with each of us.  So many of those reminders come through nature.  Our children are so good at finding the colors that surround us in nature; in the green hues of the grass, the fluffy white color of the clouds and the changing colors of the autumn leaves.  This day go outside with your children, to a park, for a walk, to a creek, to the zoo somewhere outside where nature is evident. Then ask your children to help you find the many colors of the rainbow in nature.  Talk to your children about how God is present in nature and how He gave it to each one of us to care for, respect and find peace from it all. 

Today seek out God in nature and enjoy it with your children.

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