Control, Who has it? October 7, 2016 Daily Reflection

20160521_160740As humans with free will we have a tendency to think we have complete control over our lives. The more we do and have the more we think we control. Until something unplanned occurs; a death in the family, a disease, a car accident, a murder, a crime, or an addiction. Then we start to question who really has the control?

I believe that God has the power and control. God bestowed free will on our lives so we can do as we please. I believe that God rarely disrupts our freedom unless we relinquish the possession of our control. When we release our power and open our lives to the goodness of God’s will then we can follow God’s guidance to fulfill our purpose. God is not there to “control” us. God created us to love, not to accumulate wealth, things, or people, but to love and will the good of another. If we could let go of our perceived “control” and let God shine through our lives everything would change and we would finally experience true inner peace.

So, who really has control?


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