Creativity, November 6, 2012 Daily Reflection

Anna painting her Hot Wheels car

This weekend we visited a children’s museum. One of the exhibits was a small class to create your own Hot Wheels design. Anna came up with a theme for the car – The Stinger- drew it on the paper then used permanent markers to paint it on the car. Our children are so creative when given the opportunity to create.

Our world is so much different for children today than it was when I was growing up. There are fewer children in the neighborhood who are available to play outside. The children are in daycares, afterschool care, sports practices, and academic practices or inside working on tons of homework or playing on their DS, Computer or IPOD touch. The laughter and shouting once heard in neighborhoods has become a quiet whisper. My children also have too much homework, sports practices, piano practice and other commitments. There are rarely any children in my neighborhood out for a bike ride. Luckily I was blessed with four children so they play outside often with each other. They play tag, ride bikes, jump in the leaves and have fun in the fresh air. They create games with a rake and basketballs constantly. If we give our children the time and space to play they will be creative as well.

As a mom I know how crazy our schedules are in this life. Even if you can only schedule 20 minutes for your children to play outside or at a park I encourage you to do it. It helps their minds to relax and unwind, it gives them physical exercise and a confidence about their own abilities.

When we give our children the opportunity to be creative and they will amaze us.

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