The Movie Moana, April 7, 2017 Daily Reflection

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This Spring Break has been a wonderful time with my family. One of my favorite parts of this time off was watching several movies together. Last night we watched Disney’s Moana. The animation is so life like and dazzling.

Spoiler alert, if you have not seen the movie I am going to talk about the ending.

Many movies have themes in which I can recognize the paschal mystery. The idea of dying to self to live for another. Moana knew that she was being called to a greater purpose, one that entailed risking her life. Yet, she followed that calling against all odds. At times she doubted the calling and once she even gave up. In the end she surrendered her own ideas for the good of others. Her mission was to restore the heart and “life” of the island back to the island. She had to face the island without the heart, love or life head on and it was courageous and brave. She faced the fire of evil and gave her (the island) compassion, hope, and life once more. When she had restored the heart there was a transformation of the island as well as Moana.

In life there are times when we are tested, called, and drawn to a purpose we don’t want to serve. We don’t want to leave the comfort of our lives to explore other areas. We don’t want to explore the evil that lurks outside and face that part of the reason for the evil is our lack of love and attention. We need to listen and be aware when that call comes that we hear it, discern it, and ultimately follow it no matter what has to be confronted to serve that purpose, like Moana.

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