Dipping the eggs, April 9 Daily Reflection

Coloring Easter Eggs

 In my family dyeing Easter eggs is a tradition. This year the kit came with 9 different colors.  My four children had their pick. Anna, who loves art, had to make her egg the most colorful. I think she managed to dye her egg 7 different and separate colors.  Jake, my 5 year old, just immersed the egg in each color so it came out a muted color. Everyone has a different vision in mind of how the egg should look and then there are some that just start dying with no vision at all; they just do it for fun.

How do you live your life?  Do you have a vision of the colors you want to experiences, places you want to go, clearly and separately in your mind?  Do you just want to soak up every color and immerse yourself in the moments of your life?  Do you have a vision or do you just freely live without a plan at all and let the colors fall where they may?

There are so many colors and experiences that God leaves open to us in this life.  God lets us decide if we want to dip our eggs into life or leave them colorless.  God gives us the life and free will to make those decisions. So how will you dip your egg in this life?  God will love you colorless or muted it’s your choice just make sure you choose to live your life to the fullest which ever color you dip it in.

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