Father James Martin, March 24, 2014 Daily Reflection

Father James Martin

Father James Martin

I had the distinct pleasure of attending a seminar facilitated by Father James Martin the author of many books “Jesus” a pilgrimage being the newest. He was an excellent source of faith formation. He delved into the complete humanity and complete divinity of Jesus Christ. One particular point that he made was that when Jesus healed people he was still fully human and when he worked in the hot sun feeling the pain of being human he was still completely divine.

He told of his time in the Holy Land. I was amazed by the story he told of standing by the Sea of Galilee. Where he stood, Jesus Christ had once stood. In that place he saw rocks, thorn bushes and fertile ground. It dawned on him that maybe Jesus Christ used the parable of the sewer and the seed because of what he saw. In that moment Jesus became more grounded, more real and relatable to humanity.

It is another mystery of faith that Jesus is both 100% human and 100% divine.
A few of my students believe it is a cop out so say “It’s a mystery of faith” but there are so many that our mind will never be able to grasp. This is one that even Father James Martin believes is a mystery of faith.

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