My Favorite Things, September 28, 2012 Daily Reflection

Jake giving me a flower

A flower, dandelion, weed or four leaf clover picked with little plump hands from the earth, a picture drawn with crayons from the vivid imagination of a little one, a hug; the squeezey kind, that says I don’t ever want to let go; these are a few of my favorite things from my children. Memories of a belly laugh, a smile that spreads so wide their eyes squint, a time to snuggle and read book together, tucking them in at night and praying together when I hold their hands in mine; these are more of my favorite times. Good morning hugs, when they fall into my arms after are hard fought race, a tap on my shoulder when I don’t know they are hiding behind me, a surprise hug and all the love and affection my children give to me without thought; these are my favorite things.


What are some of your favorite things? Are they things or moments?


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