Fill Up, September 27, 2012 Daily Reflection



Anna’s artwork

We fill ourselves with food, alcohol and thoughts sometimes negative but often positive. We fill our lives up with our To Do List and endless responsibilities. We are filled up with stuff that is temporary. What if there was something that could fill us permanently? What if its presence could motivate us to move mountains? What if it could lift us beyond our understanding to new ideas and goodness?


The Holy Spirit wants to fill you up with God’s presence for a lifetime and beyond. Sometimes we catch a glimpse; a kind word, an answer to a question, a warm and cozy feeling. In order to be filled we must first become empty. We have to let go of the negative things that fill us up. Let it go, let it all go and open up. When your heart and mind open up to the possibility then the Holy Spirit can fill you up and God can lead you even better.

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