Our Gifts, July 20, 2017 Daily Reflection

Two of my favorite students who have the gift of caring for others

Many times in life we feel as though we are not good enough. Take a look at Face Book and all the people in Florida, those who are having babies, people celebrating anniversaries and engagements, parents of children who are now missionaries or doctors. Lots of research proves that social media often makes people feel inadequate. After reading about so many successes one can evaluate self and think well, I don’t have that, I didn’t do that, I don’t know anyone who has, I must be less than those people.

The truth of the matter is people often post good news or really bad news and ask for support and prayers. It is rare that anyone will read everyday normal news. So, it is all slanted towards the amazing events of life. Just because we read these tidbits doesn’t mean we should believe we are any less than anyone else. We each have our own gifts. God created us in his image both male and female. God created us with many gifts. Some of us are teachers, writers, and speakers, others are great parents, loving children, helpful grandchildren, or caring citizens. Each of us have different gifts for organizational skills, strategic planning, or the ability to be spontaneous and fun. Some of us are good with numbers and others are good with manual labor. Many of us are good listeners, or emphathetic friends. Think about the gifts that God gave you not just your talents but the personality traits that make you a good person.

Little do you know how many people have read one of your post and thought I wish I could be more like you! Treasure your gifts, use them for the good of others, and thank God that he gave you those gifts today.

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