Girl Time, April 5, 2017 Daily Reflection


Yesterday, me and my daughter had some much needed girl time together. We went to the movies and watched the new Beauty and the Beast. The music was absolutely enchanting, the acting superb, the story line deeper than before and the moral of the story of change and what true love is, was spelling binding. We both sat in awe and I treasured enjoying it with my girl.

Then we went shopping for some spring clothes and Easter dresses. We each found and bought Easter dresses. It was fun looking for good buys and trying on clothes. I have never enjoyed shopping but with Anna I can enjoy anything. Anna, is a precious gift from God to my life. I can’t help but smile when I think of her. In her eyes and being I feel the presence of God’s warmth, joy, and constant love. I love my Anna. I appreciate every moment we are able to spend together, especially our girl times!

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