Goals, May 30 Daily Reflection

Aaron hugging Anna after he accomplished his goal of running his 1st marathon

To set a  goal, to challenge yourself, to push beyond your comfort zone, to plan, practice and come through is to live instead of walking through this life asleep.

Some of us are hesitant to set goals in our lives. What if we fail or fall short? Can we handle the disappointment? Will we recover?

Some of us have no desire to reach beyond because it just takes too much effort, energy and commitment. How will I find the time in my already hectic schedule? I won’t be comfortable anymore.

Some of us live our lives setting new goals every day. Pushing ourselves to grow and think outside our everyday reality. Some of us desire to live our lives to their full potential and its completion and refuse to settle for average.

Any of us who have ever set a goal and succeeded have felt the overwhelming since of accomplishment the sigh of relief and the pure happiness that we did it.

Many of us who have set goals trying hard to achieve them but have been shut down have dealt “failure” disappointment, regret and sometimes bitterness. But many of us in retrospect can find the growth even in the sadness. Goals not achieved but sought after also define us in the journey. How we deal with the disappointment teaches us valuable lessons about who we are and what we want to do differently next time.

If we fall short we must get back up and step differently. Learn from the experience and continue on the journey. It is all an opportunity for growth; success, failure, achievement and even loss.

So set the goal! Push yourself and no matter the outcome be proud that you are one the ones who try!


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