God Loves You! May 7, 2013 Daily Reflection

God Loves you button

God Loves You!

That phrase is tired and old. It’s been overused for so long. But the truth is it’s the truth.

State it however you want but God does love you!

God loves you whether you have broken commandments or gone against his rules. God loves you whether you have chosen to love him back or not. God loves you when you deny Him. God loves you when you love Him. God loves you NO MATTER WHAT RELIGION YOU ARE OR ARE NOT! God loves you no matter what sin you have committed. God HAS NEVER MOVED FROM YOUR SIDE!

If you believe in God and have a close relationship with Him then you know this is a fact. If you don’t understand God or have no faith that God exists He still loves you.

Unlike the love of humankind God’s love is without condition. You can hate God and be mad at Him but He is still going to love you; that my friend is a fact.

So many people are going to be so surprised when they hear God in the afterlife asking them if they want to spend eternity with Him! Why not get to know Him here and now so you can enjoy your life by accepting the love of God?  Because:

God Loves You!



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