High Schools, June 13, 2017 Daily Reflection

High Schools on my Van

I have been waiting awhile for the back of my van to look like this. The top says, “Faith Filled Mom”, then I have Ethan’s Trinity decal, he just graduated, (my father, father in law, and brother are alums of Trinity, Anna’s M for Mercy (I graduated from Mercy), the Cross for Holy Cross where I teach, and finally the X for St. X where Spencer is about to start high school. It is official I have my hands, teens, and money in 4 of the Catholic High Schools in Louisville, Kentucky. My husband and I joke about creating a decal of a us in the center with our empty pockets pulled out showing how broke we are from these choices!

In all seriousness, we completely believe in the Catholic school system. It is not just about the private education, it is more about the faith filled Catholic education. My husband and I were lucky enough to go through the Catholic school system and it gave us the ability to grow in our faith, cultivate excellent life long relationships, cease opportunities for higher education, and it built our confidence. We sacrifice for our children to be in the Catholic School system and it is worth every penny. I committed to this cause so much that I became a Theology teacher so that I could put my children through the Catholic High Schools. It is with pride and great joy that I have those decals on the back of my van!

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