Homework, January 27 Daily Reflection

Spencer doing his homework

Spencer doing his homework

“I don’t get this mom!” 

 “I understand the directions but it doesn’t make sense to me.” 

“But I have to read it to you.”

“I don’t have any homework can I play yet?” 

 “Do I have to finish my homework right now I want to play with Aidan before he goes home?” 

“How do you spell against?” 

From about 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm I have decided to no longer answer my, phone, emails or texts, my undivided attention during that hour is divided among 6 children doing homework all at the same time, all on different levels and subjects.  HOMEWORK EEEKKK!!!

One of the most difficult tasks as a mom, I believe is homework. From the time I have to ask them to take it out and do it to the time they have to put it away. I realize it is important they need to reinforce what they learned at school at home so that the lesson is actually retained, I get that.  I personally did not mind homework, as a kid, I didn’t love it either, but I dealt with it ok. It is different as a mom they think you know every answer.  I am humble enough to let you know I don’t know every answer!

As frustrating as homework is for me I guess it is a learning experience not just for them but for mom as well.  We have to learn to be patient with the way each child learns and they all learn differently.  We have to approach each child with kindness and so much patience. We have to mature as a person to do homework with our children. It is a challenge but it is time well spent with your child. It is a way for my children to learn how truly human an imperfect I really am as a mom.

Today when you tackle homework with your children say a little prayer first to give you patience, understanding and kindness to help them.


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