Is he climbing up or down? July 26 2011 Daily Reflection

The Climb

Is he climbing up or is he climbing down? Is he trying to grab the swinging chain or is holding on to it?

What is your guess?

It is constant this motion we experience in our lives. We are either; climbing to the top, trying to get to the bottom, looking for a way out or trying to find a way in. Rarely do we sit in the middle and just reflect on the choices we have made or need to make for the future.

Where are you right now?

Are you climbing the corporate ladder, trying to hitch a ride on the parenting track, looking for a spouse, buying your first house, trying to put your kids through school?

Are you climbing down; almost to retirement, already retired with that patio home, enjoying the time with your grandkids, at the end of paying for all the education, looking at Florida for a place to live out your golden years?

Are you trying to climb out of debt, a bad relationship, regret or a bad job?

Are you trying to climb into a new career, volunteering your time, a new relationship, healthy habits like new pass times; running, biking etc?

Do you know where you are today?

Today, stop and think about where you are right now. What you are enjoying and where you want to be in 5 years. Think about what you want out of and how to improve your existence. Today, stop in the middle and reflect on where all the motion has taken you and where you are going. Then you can answer the question: Where are you right now?

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