Where is Christ? January 27 Daily Reflection

There he is.

Can’t you see it? Is it only obvious to me? I can see Christ right there in Spencer’s eyes, in his smile, in his dirty play clothes.  Can you see Him in the love coming from his soul without caution of who he gives his smiles away to?

Where can we find Christ in our world today?

Everywhere we just have to look. He can be seen in the tender hands of a mom holding her child’s hand to cross the parking lot at the grocery store; in the smiles of the teenager as she listens to a boy she obviously has a crush on. He can be heard in the laughter of my children when they play hide and seek and find one another or the laughter of my husband when he watches the movie Airplane for the 30th time. He can be felt when our parents give us a hug goodbye, when our grandparents wave and say “thanks for coming to visit me.” He can be felt when our friends listen to us vent about our insane life filled with too many tasks and all its stress. He can be felt in the hug from a friend and the snuggling of our children on a cold night with a good book. His presence can be sensed when we find a calm come over us at an unexpected time and suddenly we experience a moment of peace.

Christ is everywhere in the world today, he has not abandoned us; we just have to slow down and look. We have to decide if we want others to see Christ in our eyes and stop holding him back and instead give him to all we meet.

In every act of love there we will find Christ.


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