Joy of Sports, April 27, 2016 Daily Reflection

Anna Referring soccer

Anna refereeing soccer


20160423_115533Anna refereed her first kindergarten soccer game last weekend. It was precious to watch her with the children. She would blow the whistle and stop the game. She was patient and kind with the children. I think she smiled almost the entire game.

This is where her love of soccer began 9 years earlier. Watching the children run and play brought back the joy of the game. Unlike so many athletes her age today, who have one goal – to play in college, Anna just wants to enjoy the sport. ¬†She plays for the joy of the sport, the competition, the challenge, the fun, and the game itself. She refuses to subject the sport to a job to be completed to pay for college. It should never be a job to her but the joy of the game. Referring that children’s game brought back the simplicity and the joy, the laughter, and the fun.


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