Lenten Buddies, February 27, 2018 Daily Reflection

We need help during lent

I had the honor to speak to the Soul Sisters of St. Paul recently about Lent. The Holy Spirit gave me a great idea, Lenten Buddies. This is not a gift giving buddy. Instead it is someone who can support you through the Lenten journey. Encouraging you to go deeper in your faith and to make sacrifices to bring change and growth to you as a person. Please consider finding a Lenten buddy. Read the requirements below:

Lenten Buddy Vow
As a Lenten buddy I will walk the journey with you.
When I see her, I will take the time to share the journey.
Once a week I will text, call, or email her to check in.
I will pray for her daily.
I will support her this lent by encouraging her to continue the journey.
When Easter comes I will contact her and ask how she has grown this Lent.
Lenten Buddy Info
Name ____________________________________
Phone # __________________________________
Email Address ______________________________
Home Address ______________________________
Best Way to Support her

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