For the love of God, August 8, 2017 Daily Reflection

My children

For what reason was humanity created? To know, love, and serve God. Does that sound familiar? It is what our grandparents were taught from the Baltimore Catechism. So many people struggle with the purpose of our creation. When I have been asked that question I draw on my theological studies and answer to love and be in relationship with self, neighbor, God, and creation. When I draw on my life experiences my answer is to be in relationship with God and humanity and to serve both through my love in action. If indeed, this is our purpose then I must ask myself daily how have I lived out this purpose? What have I done for the love of God and humanity?
For the love of God I…
breathe and have my being
am motivated to live my life and get out of bed
care for my children and husband
write what I believe God inspires me to write on my blog
teach my students how to love God in different ways
reach out to our community through service opportunities for my students
attempt to love every student I teach
try to be who God desires me to be
pray and try to get closer to God daily.

What do you believe is our purpose? What do you do for the love of God?

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