Lunch with Friends, July 13, 2018 Daily Reflection

Jenny and Me

One of the best benefits of working in a school system is being off for the summer break. This summer has been like a sabbatical. It’s the first summer in 4 years that I have not had to study or write papers. I have been able to read books of my choice, relax with my children and simply be. One of the best parts about summer is taking the time to have lunch with friends. The school year is filled with so much to do between my children’s sports, school activities, and my work schedule that it is difficult to keep up with my friends. Recently, I have had lunch and dinner with a few of my friends. It is wonderful to catch up on life and be together.

Look at your schedule, text a friend, pick a day, and go grab a bite to eat and catch up on life. Nothing lifts you up like spending time with a friend!

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