Max, My Protector, November 15, 2016 Daily Reflection

My Max

My Max

This is my 8 month old puppy, Max. He runs with me daily. He is my protector!

One of the main reasons we bought Max was for me to have a running companion in the dark. As a woman, let me tell you I feel safe. Luckily, I do run in a safe neighborhood. Regardless, of the real safety, running in the dark can be intimidating. Not with Max. No one wants to mess with a person who is running with a dog. I highly suggest this for women who have no choice but to run in the dark (mornings or nights). I am happy that I have Max by my side every time!

My students find it crazy that I am now a pet owner. In the past I would say, if I go to hell it’s because I don’t like dogs. So, I bought a dog to learn how to love animals and to help ensure my salvation! I now know how to like animals, I love Max! Now, I need to work on the really bad habits to get to heaven.

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