My City, October 8 Daily Reflection

My city

Do you have a sense of pride for your city, your community? Of course we all have problems where we live and would like to see things done differently. That is why we get involved and help to change things for the better. But right now don’t think about the problems in your town. Just think about your town or community for a moment. Do you have a feeling of pride when you look at your sky line? Do you look at it and think Yep, that’s my town, I live there and I love being a part of it? When you go out of town and people ask you where you are from are you proud to tell them?

Having a feeling of community can build you up. When you feel that you are a part of something bigger you feel more loved and accepted. We all want to feel loved and accepted in life. The more involved you become the more of your community you become acquainted with in life. Are you involved in any way in your community? Do you do volunteer work? You can help beautify your community on clean up days hosted by the city in the spring time. You can hand out drinks in community races. You can help with soup kitchens or at election sites. There is a wide variety of ways to become involved with your community.

I absolutely love where I live, my town, my community and my sky line.

Today, think about your community and if you have pride in it. If the answer is no then get involved and become a part of the community and you too will feel that pride.

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