My Daughter and her Daddy, June 13, 2012

My daughter and her daddy

They bought the wood together, they built the garden boxes together, they hauled the soil and spread it together, and they are reading the instructions on the seed packets together; just Anna and her daddy.

Anna had a request earlier this spring. “Daddy, can we have a vegetable garden in the back yard this summer?”  Anna is a daddy’s girl so of course the answer was “Yes”. So began the research, the drawing of the plans for the raised gardens and what vegetables they would plant. At each point in the process Anna was smiling and pleased to be working with her daddy. He taught her how to use a drill, hammer and a wheel barrel. He spent the time with her planning and planting.

Those two are so similar to one another. They are both athletes, competitive and with an unbelievable drive and determination. They are both humble and modest. I just love this picture of them together. They have the same stance and mannerisms. They did not even realize I was taking a picture because they were both engrossed in their seed packets.

The relationship between a parent and a child is unbelievably special and will form that child as an adult. Aaron and I were both blessed to having loving parents in our lives that set the example of excellent parenting. Now we are blessed to pass on the gift to our children. The best example any one has ever witnessed is of God our father or “Abba” which translates as Daddy. If we make the request He usually says yes, then he plans, teaches and helps us to grow throughout our lives. There is no better Daddy/child relationship than the one we can freely choose to have with God our Father. We are made in God’s image and like Anna is to her Daddy we are to Our Father in Heaven.

Just ask God and He will guide you, teach you and love you through it all.

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