My Last Retreat, June 27, 2013 Daily Reflection

You Are a Gift From God Retreat – June 21, 2013

This is a picture from my last retreat. I led it for the Catechists & Teachers of the Archdiocese of Louisville at Epiphany. It was a wonderful day filled with people of faith. We laughed, some cried, we took a stroll in nature, and we ate together, prayed together, shared stories, hugged and blessed one another. It was an excellent retreat.

After leading 20 retreats over the last two years with Jenny and alone I am now taking a break for a year.  God has led me to a new ministry, one I never would have thought I would experience, being a teacher. I will be teaching this fall for the first time! I need to concentrate on teaching the students about how to discover their own faith. It will be similar to a retreat 5 days a week for 9 months straight, but I have to grade them and do a few other things as well.

I LOVE motivational speaking, I enjoy the flow of retreats, and I embrace the people and the Holy Spirit washing over me. I am going to miss this part of my life. But I trust God is leading me where He wants me to go and I always try to follow. To all of you who have attended my retreats thank you for trusting me and being a part of this journey. I have a feeling God will lead me back to this one day.

Quite a few people have asked if I will stop writing my blog. The answer is NO! I will continue writing daily reflections and weekend tidbits. Writing is part of who I am so if you like reading it have no fear it will continue. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and support me with your prayers and encouragement over the years.

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