Open Your Hands, September 29 Daily Reflection

Open Hands

Open Hands

Open hands have so much to tell us.  They say I am offering you something; peace, love or kindness.  They say I am waiting to receive something; gifts, kindness or love.
Last year a missionary priest gave a thought provoking talk about open hands.  He said that we should pray with our hands open so that we can receive gifts from God and pass them on to others. For it is when you clench your hands and clasp tightly the gifts we are given that we can no longer receive.  We must keep our hands open even when we receive so that the gift can be passed on and we will be open to the next gift God wishes to bestow upon us. 


How often do we as moms open our hands to our children.  When we are waiting for a hug we extend our arms and open our hands. Waiting for the warmth and squeeze from our special little or big someone.  When we extend our arm and open our hand while walking across a street waiting for our child to grab our hand to cross the street.  When we give a gift to our children we hand it to them with open hands.  We constantly open our hearts and our hands to our children.


In  this materialistic world it is all about who has what.  All of our possessions.  What do you do- career is a possession, Where do you live- House, What do you drive.  Our world is designed to make each of us desire what we can not have.  Advertisers are paid enormous amounts of money to derive desire from people.  To touch their weak spots and wants to make them want more.  If we are constantly reaching for the things in front of us our hands are not open. If we are constantly clutching what we have are hands are not open.


If we open our hands release the things, stop reaching for things we believe we desire and open our hands to receive God and His love then we will truly be able to be filled up.  Ask millionaires, Things don’t and won’t make you happy.  Happiness is fleeting with things.  They are fun, convenient, entertaining and interesting but things can never fill your truest deepest desire.  I believe that each one of us desires most deeply to be loved.  God’s love is the only solution.  God’s love through others, God’s kindness through others actions, God’s compassion from His people.  Love is the true desire of the human heart and no thing on earth can fill that but other people created by God not things but God’s love.

So today open your hands release the things stop trying to clutch the happiness you think you get from them.  Let them go.  Stop reaching for things that you think will make you happy forever, let that go.  Stop and open your hands and pray to God let Him know you are ready to receive Him in his infinite love through others.  Open your hands and let Him fill you up so that you may be the love of God to others. So that you can fill others up for Him.  Today pause in this insane life and open your hands and receive what you truly desire God and His love.

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